My original post about switching to WIND mobile. Its a bit long winded and covered my savings from switching from Telus to WIND Mobile. Click here to check it out. I was initially very pleased and excited to change over from Telus to WIND (now I 100% get why Telus offers 90 day return policy for customers who leave.)

Those horror stories you read about with Wind Mobile when you Google Wind, well, they are fairly accurate!!!!!
If your current provider seems to be working for you and they are willing to cut the costs to keep you, listen to their retention department. Listen to me. 6 years with Telus. Telus wasn’t perfect and it had its growing pains but I am kind of erked with Wind Mobile; Wind mobile seems like a total joke.

On to the story and my initial thoughts and review of my experience of switching to Wind Mobile.

So as of January 21 2013 my Note II was acting a bit funny. Rarely was it in the H (home) mode but always in R (roam). R is bad. R = you paying money. Basically as it was explained to me is that if the H (wind network) strength is weak it will convert over to the towers main provider which in most cases is Rogers. Again, R, roam .. or perhaps rogers in Ontario. lol means you are paying above and beyond the plan.

January 21 2013 – evening
So I called Wind Mobile tech support at 1-877-946-3184 and spoke to a rep. I indicated to the rep that while at home in an unlimited wind area my phone was going into R mode far too often and that it was a fluke I even came to notice it. You see, I post pay on my Wind account but prepaid my account for 6 months since I had the money.
The Wind Mobile tech said that I needed to go into the network options and disable ‘automatic’ network selection and select Wind, this would stop the phone from going into Roam mode. Made sense to me and why not, I don’t travel or go beyond where the service is offered. Can I live with 3 bar service over 5, of course and this is what I thought would take place. Can I live with slow loading video streaming while sitting on the 401, yes (since I haven’t been on the 401 in 6+ months). LOL. So, I made the switch to the Wind network instead of automatic and that was when I was sent into a spiral of no service.

I started to read up on RedFlagDeals about Wind Mobile. So much failure when it comes to this company.

January 23 2013
I head over to a Wind dealer where the phone was purchased. The Wind Mobile sales guy working there checks my phone for physical damage. Checks the sim card by pushing it in, pulls the battery out and says it appears to be a malfunctioning phone and there is nothing he can do for me and that I must go to the corporate store.

After the dealer touched the phone it was game over. My phone stopped working.

Wind Mobile phone with no network connection.

Wind Mobile phone with no network connection.




Later that evening I make the trek up to the Corporate Wind Mobile store. At this stage the phone refuses to work. I cannot even call our text out. 0-1 bar, no network being stated over and over.

Once I get to corporate Wind mobile I get a lesson in why Wind is certainly not Telus / Bell or Rogers.

WIND mobile Erin Mills town center: 289-999-5120
5100 Erin Mills Pkwy, Mississauga

Ali was the Wind representative looking after me. Very poor customer service. Juggling too many customers and getting lost in what he was doing. I should have known this was going to be a 1.5+ hour visit.

Ali explains that its likely a Wind sim card problem. Ali asks me to start dissembling the Samsung phone, I had never done this before and I made him aware of that. Ali replaced my Wind sim card, fiddles with the new sim card, tries resetting things over and over. All failing. Ali asks me to clear my phone, it’s broken as far as he is concerned. I had already backed up my contacts to the Sim, I was lucky as most customers would have listened to the rep and lost all their details. Ali informs me had I been about 2 weeks quicker I could have straight swapped or cancelled the service all together but now I am stuck with paying out the tab if I want to leave Wind. I am irritated but understand that Ali is likely not drawing a huge income from this job and likely gives 0 sh*ts as to what I have to say, so why bother??

$80+ for a deposit for the phone to be fixed. They will not take it from my prepayment on the account.
$10+ for a phone rental.

Ali explained to me that in 1 weeks time I must call the WIND repair facility (Future Tel in Markham @ 905 415 2388) and speak to the people fixing my cell phone to make sure they repair it for the WIND Mobile network and not to fix it as a Rogers network phone. …. and this is the interesting part. Ali explained to me in the past that some WIND stores have been known to sell non WIND compliant phones and that in the end those phones do not work properly on the WIND network. And that as a customer prepaying on my account and being stuck in roaming is my fault and WIND will in no way accommodate me, ever, period.

Further that, the customer needs to be aware of what he is buying and that when I signed up at a WIND dealer I was supposed to know the difference between a legit phone from WIND vs a Rogers phone. Ali goes on to inform me that if the repair facility deems the phone to be a Rogers phone that I am the person responsible for paying out the tab and replacing the phone with a WIND compliant phone. Lets make one thing clear. My receipt from the WIND Dealer had the serial number of the phone WIND sold me. Ali explained that WIND has no obligation to support a WIND dealer and that it is a matter that I must take up with the dealer myself.

My son has now walked around the mall about 4 times with his mom. His patience has run thin, my wife is irritated. During this visit to WIND Mobile at Erin Mills Town Center I did not see them sell 1 phone. However I did see Ali give out 2 loaner phones and took 2 in for repair, 1 being mine. His coworker (a female) also did 2 repair / loan outs. His coworker was sympathetic but stated corporate policies which comes downs to customer loses. The hollow apologies meant to calm irritated customers does not work, its absolutely a waste of breath especially if the I (the customer) isn’t freaking out. They must have apologized 10+ times…I wasn’t freaking out, just inquiring about how this can be resolved. I was just most curious however why WIND corporate wanted me to contact the repair facility, why I would have to buy a new phone if their dealer sold me the wrong one and why I should be stuck paying all additional fees because of their error. I was told Corporate policy.

I will tell you right now, at that moment I was regretting leaving Telus Mobility. Even the Telus dealers were amazing, always swapping out phones, none of this mickey mouse BS. That said, I understand the loaner phone, I don’t understand the other obligations they were putting on me.

Wind Mobile

Wind Mobile Erin Mills, poor customer service.



Next hour + is spent eating a nice dinner out with a tired kid trying not to talk about how idiotic WIND Mobile is and how i should have never joined WIND Mobile.

January 25 2013
I decided to call WIND mobile. I needed a clear understanding about why I needed to contact the repair facility to ensure my phone was WIND Compliant, why I need to buy a new phone and pay out my current tab if it is not and why I should eat roaming charges IF they sold me the wrong phone. Lisa, the tech who fielded my call was clearly not understanding what took place on January 23 or was playing dumb because this isn’t the first time shes encountered this retardation. After explaining this to Lisa with her putting me on hold twice to talk to her manager only to return and tell me her manager can’t help and that she herself would follow up with me later. Lisa also asked me if I had called the repair facility. This prompted me to whole-heartedly believe WIND is a scam of some sorts and that all people should avoid WIND mobile… what else is there to think? I mean, I guess you could think their staff is total idiots but this is a management issue.

Later that day Lisa called me back. Lisa explains I shouldn’t call anyone about my ‘WIND’ phone and that WIND will contact me when the phone is back at the corporate store. As for my other concerns, well, they didn’t exist any more. I thanked Lisa for the call and we said our good byes. It was best to run away from that call. There was nothing Lisa was saying I did not expect from a poorly trained employee.

My overall thoughts now? Yes, WIND mobile is cheap. Their front line workers are not as professional or schooled on their products compared to some other cell companies. Their customer service is on par with Rogers, awful. Telus customer service is awesome though!

Where do I go from here? Well, I now wait for the phone to be looked over. If it is found or believed I broke it they take the $80+ fee for the investigation + charge me to repair the phone which could be hundreds.

I wish I never joined WIND Mobile. It was mistake.


January 29 2013 – Called the repair facility. Left a voice mail since it claimed all reps are busy. This was at 2 pm. No call back for today.

January 30 2013
– Called the repair facility. Left a voice mail since it claimed all reps are busy. This was at 2 pm. No call back for today.
Emailed FuturTel:

Was told by Wind Mobile @ Erin Mills to contact you with regards to how my phone is being repaired and as to the nature of its problems.
I have been directed by Wind to contact you to ensure that the phone is repaired under ‘WIND mobile’ and not as a ‘rogers’ phone.
Complete incompetence surrounds WIND, i fear everything they say especially when they give me your number to call to tell you how to fix it the Samsung Note 2

RMA TNxxxxx


January 30 2013 – Update #2

5:38 PM time my LG Android WIND mobile phone stopped working. I went to answer a call and poof it did not work. Now this isnt the first time it has stopped working but around the 3rd time. Usually the phone has a habbit of just shutting off and waiting for me to pull the battery and restart it. The initial two times really didn’t concern me as its a loaner and the phone reworked after the fact. I have no idea how many people have had this WIND LG phone before me so again, who knows. But today at 5:30 even after 2 resets (battery and sim out) the phone would not call out. It would try to call and the screen would gradient red showing end call. No ring, no dial tone, no anything. Just WIND fail. So, I grabbed my wifes BELL mobility phone and called WIND Mobile corporate at (1-877-946-3184).

I am fortunate and get Janette (op# 21266) who is happy to help, very apologetic and wants to make things right but her hands are tied. There is nothing she can do with regards to the samsung rogers / WIND phone issue and the contacting of FutureTel. Janette tells me that this is the first she has heard of this problem and the best way for me to handle it is to contact the Presidents Office at WIND.

WIND Mobile
207 Queens Quay West
Suite 710
PO Box 114
Toronto, Ontario M5J 1A7

The issue at hand is above what Janettes office can handle. They cannot handle refunds or do they have access to Corporate store information, who filled out the paper work and or access to the repair company information. Again, the customer is stuck with the problem.
I had wanted to talk to a manager / supervisor when I originially called and got Lisa (no operator number) on January 25 2013 and she said no managers could help me (see story above). Today, Janette stated there is nothing a manager / supervisor could do for me and that they would tell me that I must contact the presidents office as they have no control over dealers, credits, repairs etc. As far as I am concerned the only reason they seem to be there is to say sorry and hope you move along. Janette also stated that for general problems managers do not get involved, i indicated this hardly seems like a general problem. I have to ask multiple times to speak to a manager to which Janette states they will only repeat what she has already told me. I indicate that I am prepared to here a manager from WIND tell me exactly what she has. Janette states 5-10 minute wait to talk to a manager.
Candice, manager / supervisor @ loyalty department at WIND comes on the line. I explain the problem and she seems a bit taken back at the way this has all been handled. Candice provides her email so I may send her proof of the phone / paper work / people I have been dealing with. I promptly sent that at 7:01 PM eastern.

Some of the paperwork I have sent her, however blurred for the blog.


The duration of my call to WIND this evening was almost 1.5 hours. Almost as long as my first visit to their corporate office.

I will say Janette was by far a better rep than most I have dealt with. And while I understand that both Lisa and Janette likely have little to no say in anything that goes on, at least Janette was a bit more in touch with what was taking place. And while Janette was able to walk me through resetting the phone for which was the 3rd time I had done it I dislike the part of her not wanting to let me speak to a manager.

7:50 PM eastern. While my loaner phone was offline Futuretel called and left a voice mail stating they could not find the RMA number associated with my name or phone number i left them on 2 occasions (voicemail). Perhaps at this time they had yet to look over the email I sent them that did include the RMA.

January 31 2013

6:30pm – Loaner phone went offline for about 20 minutes. Had to wait to get home to figure out why it would not turn on or charge. Pulled the battery out and it seemed to resolve the issue. LG from WIND. This is turning out to be a nightmare!

8:00pm – Candice called from WIND mobile. It seems as though Candice herself cannot get through to FutureTel who is supposed to be fixing my Samsung Note. Imagine how lame that is when the customer can’t get through and the actual WIND rep can’t as well, communication fail? Candice is looking into it still. I asked Candice to document the fact that this loaner phone keeps failing. By fail I mean the WIND LG phone just shuts off, doesnt charge and needs a full reboot with battery being pulled. I miss my samsung note.

February 1 2013
Today, my loaner phone decided to take another dump. Lucky I had a blackberry available to capture the fail. Is this a network issue or a phone problem?
Either way, I don’t care what kind of problem it is because I would just prefer any working phone. Well, wait, if its the network then yea, bigger problems I suppose.

No updates from FutureTel by email or by call. Useless.

It seems this blog entry has made the front page of Good thing, bad thing? Not sure but it would seem as though some people are checking it out.
I see a trend (Wind Mobile Review after 3 months)
“Because of Wind’s very very, VERY bad training of it’s customer support agents…”
I mean seriously. Its true. This is WIND Mobiles presidents fault. No one elses. You hire incompetent people you get reviews and websites saying your service sucks.

WIND mobile has been nothing but a drain on my soul.

Next week, mid week if there is no resolution to my satisfaction I will file a complaint with
“The Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) is an independent organization dedicated to working with you and your telecommunications service provider (TSP) to resolve complaints relating to your telecommunications services.”

I was further able to get some information about my WIND Samsung Note II via . The link sends you to Wikipedia. Perhaps the next option is WIND providing the unlock code and me leaving the WIND network.

February 3 2013
Candice called from WIND. Still can’t get a hold of the repair facility. Makes sense I suppose since its the weekend. Not sure FutureTel is open on the weekends.
The loaner only crashed once today! Future is looking bright.
I am told that (not verbatim, dont remember the language fully she used) to unlock my phone only the Presidents Office can allow or pass the code forward. Otherwise the phone is locked to WIND. Perhaps contradicting information compared to what has been sent to me.
At this stage, the loaner outside of going offline/crashing still does not mean bad Cell service. The customer service reps (first line) are a bit doofy. The experience has been almost 100% fail. I miss my samsung note.

February 7 2013
Today I got a call from WIND corporate Erin Mills. The call should have been straight forward but came with what I thought was an interesting twist. My Samsung Note 2 had arrived and was repaired, ready for pickup. The repairs were covered under warranty, no cost to me, $80 refund (cash too. wow). As you can see from the image they replaced the PBA & some other parts. I have no idea what the parts do but apparently the phone is fixed. I am very pleased to have the Samsung Note 2. My love of the phone is no indication of my love for WIND, please don’t misconstrue my feelings for the phone.
The interesting thing about the call from WIND corporate Erin Mills is that the agent who called wouldn’t give me their name because they feared it would end up on this blog entry. The agent was also curious as to what it exactly was that Ali had told me. she asked me to go over it. The agent stated that the link to the blog was being passed via email from corp to her at the corp store, everyone was reading it. I got a very distinct impression that it wasn’t just her calling me, but someone else may have been there too. So, the agent never gave me her name or information and only that my phone was available and just as she was hanging up (patience betrayed her) she commented to the other person who was there ‘listening’ about her questions to me…. wth???#

At this point I wasn’t even happy that my phone was repaired. I could not get over the fact that someone from corporate (erinmills) called me, wouldn’t leave me their name and wanted to discuss what I was saying to corp and to discuss my blog. I mean seriously? Everything about that call was unprofessional. This problem between WIND and I should be handled via Corporate and myself, not a first responder WIND agent.

So I call corporate to speak with Candice, I get Jennifer. Jennifer is very quick to pass me off and I don’t blame her. This is now the first time I am actually really pissed off with this shitty customer service. I get a male manager by the name of Ninas (sp?). My issue today is “why is wind calling me if you can’t tell me your name and you want to talk about my blog entry” and the reason you don’t want to identify yourself is because of the fear of being put in the blog. Supervisor guy goes to the fall back trick of apologies. You see when there is nothing you can do or want to do, just say you’re sorry 10+ times. I don’t want apologies. Now being really bothered for the first time I say I want credits. What is all this drama really worth to me, you or any unhappy wind customer? The answer from the supervisor, $20.00. WIND MOBILE IS A JOKE. I ask for my unlock codes and was told it has to come from upper management and only after 6 months of contract with them has lapsed. Seems like a good deal…. for WIND.

As for the girl who called from Wind Erin Mills corporate. Well, I spoke with Emrit (sp?) when I was at the store and she offered to tell me her name but I was already given it. Emrit, if you are a good employee you should never have any concerns about your first name being online; second sorry about the spelling of your name, likely wrong. Further that, it took all of 5 minutes of intel gathering to know who you were. Sad part is not knowing your name isn’t really a big deal when you remove all the other issues that have been going on. In context of the greater problem its another failure from WIND. You see Emrit (and management) you represent a corporation who has an unhappy customer. By lacking drive or ability to make change you do a real disservice to those in your company who are really trying (see: Candice).
Overall Emrit, no real complaints, just try being a bit more professional in the future when you call a customer.

That said for today, I will add that by working with at least 1 competent WIND mobile person made me want to write something a bit more tamed than what I initially wanted to say. Anita at the Erin Mills corporate store, thanks for doing your job properly, wearing your name tag (sorry emrit…not trying to throw you under the bus) and not making my day any worse.

Happy to have my phone back. My opinion as it stands, WIND is not a good cellular choice. Too many short comings.

February 7 2013 – Evening
Candice called from WIND corporate. We went over my WIND experience so far. I was given a $60 credit which I still think falls a bit short from what they should be doing for me but there may be more to come. Again, really pleased to have my Samsung Note 2 back, love this phone. LOL.

March 26 2013
Just wanted to update that the phone has failed again. I could not connect to the network and the phone complained about the SIM card. 2 visits to wind, 1 dealer and 1 corp store resulted in full failure and a loaner phone being given to me. The good news is the loaner phone was free today, no $10 charge. The crappy news is my note 2 is in for repair at futuretel again.
Great service at ErinMills today, no complaints other than my phone is down.

Wind Mobile Failure windmobile2

windmobile3 windmobile4

I have dispatched an email to Candice about the problems again. Lets see what corporate can do for me.

March 27 2013
I wanted to follow up on my commentary yesterday. Yesterday was a fairly busy day and 2 trips to WIND Mobile ate up a lot of my mid afternoon. On February 7 2013, when I wrote there may be “more to come” in terms of compensation for the issues it was because I was told that the Presidents Office was handling my specific case and they would likely do more for me. The reality is, the $60 credit was it and falls short. There was no follow up, nothing else. Candice was the last line of defense. I never got the unlock codes, nada. The irony is that I am prepaid well beyond that 6 month mark they say is required before releasing unlock codes. Also, when I was asked “what is it I want”, perhaps I should have been better prepared to answer that. My response was “something, but not sure what”.
I have another 2 months of $20 billing and then its back to reality, full price.
Windmobile Review

When I arrived at WIND Erinmills the girl asked me if I had my bill. I said no. That seemed as though it was about to turn into an issue until I pointed at the other girl and said “she should remember me, I was here about a month ago”. Sadly, the girl didn’t remember me….until I said, “remember the blog?”. Instant memory!!! The girls were great and helpful and my visit was less than 1 hour. I was told my blog was awesome and that its a good way to get corporates attention. I think she is right, corporate has read this, they just don’t care. As of today though we are at 4,861 views. And judging from the emails and feedback I get, they should care a bit about how they treat their customers.
So, I left my phone, the one girl asked me not to blog about her and that was it.
The first stop before ErinMills had me wipe the phone. No back up, nada. Lost all my contacts, pictures etc that weren’t on the SDcard and or backed to sim. So that was a let down. I am hoping when I get the phone back that I have a sync in Kies.

But the highlight of the day when I was at WIND Mobile Erin Mills was when a random guy who was returning his new blackberry z10 because of random shutting off commented about my blog. At first he asked a couple questions about it and then confirmed that he had read it. Isnt that amazing. Some random guy at WIND during the middle of the day had read this entry. I guess he was one of the 4,861 people who had.

Here is my usage summary for the last month.

April 03 2013
Got a call from Candice in the loyalty department telling me WIND is not willing to compensate me more than the $60 they have already given me.
Can’t say I am surprised but at least I got an answer.
I was told they would wait and see what the problem is with the phone this time around and if it is the same problem they would put in a ‘request’ to have the phone swapped out.

April 04 2013
Got a call from WIND corporate. My phone is a paperweight. I am told that I have tampered with the phones mainboard & software and it is a $380.00 bill to repair the phone. My other option is to take the phone back, be charged an additional $25 for it being returned. So it must be my lucky day since when I go to pick it up the bill on site is only $300 since I already gave a $80 deposit. And would you believe what the positive balance is in my account??? $323.00.

Other good news. The Erin Mills WIND corporate rep tells me the phone is being fixed by Samsung, so this is great for me!!!!

Why did I leave Telus Mobility???????….oh, I know why, I thought the grass was greener and I listened to people preaching about how good / cheap WIND is. My fault, I should have researched better. Customer ALWAYS loses. Avoid Wind.

More updates to follow.

* side note, i’m not even mad. Its a joke how messed up this company is. There was a time I was mad when they jerked me around, but seriously, this is like a comedic train wreck. Notice the trend. Both times the phone broke customer is in the wrong.

April 10 2013
Contacted Candice to about the phone repair. Needed a clear understanding of what was costing just under $400.

April 12 2013
Phone came in along with the bill. $378.55.
WIND mobile

8:03 – Candice called, we spoke for 38 minutes. She herself was curious about how they came up with $378.55 since that is almost 50% of the phone. A little bit of research on Kijiji shows me you can get a new note 2 for $500!!! Candice said she would follow up with me and see if there is anything WIND can do. I am not holding my breath.

April 13 2013
Was contacted by Telus. :)
Stand up. You have to respect Telus for trying. I have contacted the person back to see how they can get me out of this WIND mess.
Telus Offer

June 04 2013
Back on April 12 2013 I was bileld $378.55 for the repair of my Note 2 by Samsung. Candice from WIND said she would look into it for me. Well, we are coming up on 2 months and not a word from Candice.
But, like clock work they increased my bill by 50%!!!
WIND Mobile is awful.

June 25 2013
Sent Candice another emailing inquiring as to why my repair bill was $400. Its been well over 2 months since she said she would follow up with me. How long does it take to get an answer?

September 15 2013
Sent Candice another emailing inquiring as to why my repair bill was $400. Its been well over 5 months since she said she would follow up with me. How long does it take to get an answer?

September 28 2013
Received a call today from Wind. They wanted to let me know that I have a + credit with them (as I have since I joined). I inquired as to when I will hear from Candice. The rep outlined that the department she and Candice work in have no way of getting information with regards to billing / charges. Why couldn’t candice tell me this months ago? I was advised to contact the Office of the President.
** being dropped off to the CP mailbox soon as I finished this update.

WIND Mobile Complaints

WIND Mobile Complaints

March 13 2014
Its been 6 months almost and not a peep back from useless Wind Mobile. Even after contacting their presidents office I have once again, been ignored.